God Working Through Your Financial Support

A Family Letter – Bonlee Baptist – 2015 In Review

A Family Letter – Bonlee Baptist – 2016 In Review

General Giving Questions

If I give a donation to the church, will I receive a tax receipt?

Yes, we will mail annual contribution statements at the end of January. If you have any financial questions please feel free to contact the church at any time at Bonleebaptist@gmail.com.

How long will it take for you to process my donation?

Please allow five to seven days for all donations (online, cash, check, weekend service, or by mail) to clear your account. If you do not see that your gift has gone through after one week, please contact us at bonleebaptist@gmail.com or 919-837-5624 so that we can investigate the issue. Please note that other financial gifts might take a bit longer.

Can I give a cash donation and still get tax-deductible credit?

Yes, you can. Place your cash in a sealed and clearly marked envelope with your name, address, and contact information.

Additional questions?

Please email your general giving questions to bonleebaptist@gmail.com, or contact by phone at 919-837-5624.

Online Giving Questions

How do I know if I entered my information correctly and my payment was made?

It will take a couple days for all payments to be processed but if all the information was entered correctly, you should see a draft in your account on the day that you scheduled your payment. If you do not see it within a few days of the scheduled payment, your transaction may not have gone through. If this is the case, we will contact you to let you know that your transaction was not successful.